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1-on-1 Finnish lessons Suomen kielen yksityistunteja


Hei ja tervetuloa!

Hello and welcome!

Palaute Student testimonials

”Sanni is very helpful and did an amazing job when she led the class. She came up with fun ways for us to learn and interact with Finnish, was willing to answer questions and even do research to answer our questions, was always very friendly, and very encouraging.”

”Sanni was very energetic, friendly, and helpful when working on assignments. The class would have been good without her, but it was remarkable with her.”

”Studying Finnish with Sanni has significantly improved my confidence in spoken Finnish and improved my listening comprehension. I now feel comfortable using Finnish in most everyday situations, like at stores and restaurants. Sanni is well prepared and thoughtful in constructing the lessons and homework for each week. During lessons, she provides a good mix of conversation practice and practical grammar and lexical skills. You will find lessons with Sanni fun and enriching towards your language learning goals.”

”You’re guaranteed to make progress by learning from Sanni, as she has a very pleasant, fun as well as a straightforward way of teaching Finnish.”

”Sanni was very knowledgeable and helpful in the course. She did a great job helping us learn.”

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